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Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips When authenticating as a manager account, ensure that the clientCustomerId header refers to an AdWords account. MUTATE_ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED_FOR_CLIENT SummaryThe attempted operation cannot be performed through the API. This can be used to provide contextual errors, e.g. Recommended handling tipsMake sure to log in with a valid AdWords account (typically your manager account) for the OAuth flow. Common causes The developer token is not set on the request or it contains a typo. Check This Out

Also includes number of empty VAST responses from fallback. 400 General linear error. Common causesOnce a feed item is removed, it can no longer be updated (including changes to its status), but you've tried to do so. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Provide the version in the request URL. Common causesThe credit card used to pay for API charges has expired.

Facebook Graph Api Error Codes

The following tables give you an overview on the returned rendering results and attached files depending on settings and errors. We close comments for older posts, but we still want to hear from you. rateName=BillingPerDay, retryAfterSeconds=86400) Recommended handling tips Wait for about 30 seconds, then retry the request. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Check if your campaign has active feed for the particular placeholder type before adding.

NETWORK_TIMEOUT The connection to the ad server timed out before it could retrieve all the required data. If warnings exist, they are listed in a file ERROR.PDF , which is also included in the attachments.     No No PDF form is returned. If you are using the Facebook API, consider including the following string in your targeting spec: {exclusion-targeting-spec}.1487465Invalid CPA Bid: The action type you selected is not allowed for Cost-Per-Action (CPA) bidding: Facebook Install Error Code If you have recently integrated ads on this app for the first time then you may need to wait longer for your registration information to process.

Please verify that you are using an approved account.1487301Custom Audience Unavailable: The custom audience you're trying to use hasn't been shared with your ad account. Event: public interface AdListener { ... Event: public interface AdListener { ... https://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw74/helpdata/en/4b/9a1ffe1b4d63a3e10000000a42189c/content.htm Specified Page: {destination}.1487366Custom Audience Has Been Deleted: Cannot use deleted custom audience.

Failed for the following reason: {reason}1487424Ad Needs Exclusion Targeting: This ad cannot be created with the targeting spec you selected. Facebook Api Error 400 This behavior varies according to player implementation. Example: GET /1/accounts/abcdefg/campaigns?with_deleted=true { /* the data of your response... */, "request": { "params": { "account_id": "abcdefg", "with_deleted": "true" } } } The data field in JSON responses will contain The nature of the error will be communicated in an errors node of the response.

Error Code 4 Facebook

Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsEnsure that your query is correct based on the AWQL grammar. Image Credit: The Huffington Post 15) Perfection certainly does have its price. Facebook Graph Api Error Codes Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Set up short delays between requests or use BatchJobService to combine more operations in fewer requests. Facebook Graph Api Error Code 100 Increase your daily spend limit or create fewer ads per time period.1487244Campaign Update Failed: Campaign {campaign_id}: {reason}1487246Campaign Creation Failed: {reason}1487256Targeting declined due to policy: Invalid ads targeting.

NETWORK_ERROR The ad request failed due to problems with network connectivity. You are not an admin of the following specified connections: {connections}1487172Could not save creative1487174Invalid Image Hash: Invalid Image Hash - {hash}1487194Permission Error: Either the object you are trying to access is The status of the ad is, however, modifiable via AdGroupAdService.mutate(). The length limits are documented in the AdWords help center. Facebook Errors Today

Common causesN/A Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Remove duplicates (operations, parameters, list elements) before making the request. AdGroupCriterionError INVALID_KEYWORD_TEXT SummaryThe keyword text contains invalid characters. To request an exemption: Create an ExemptionRequest and populate its key field with with the PolicyViolationKey returned with the error. this contact form Ad Loaded This callback is called each time an ad is successfully loaded.

Common causesForgetting to specify an ID, which results in a value of 0 being passed in. Facebook Ad Creative Guidelines Use setLayoutParams() to specify dimensions for this AdLayout. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsEnsure that your clicks to be uploaded occurred during these 90 days and not too old. INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE SummaryCannot find conversion name in the account.

Common causesYou've made mistakes in your AWQL query.

Prevention tipsN/A OfflineConversionError EXPIRED_CLICK SummaryClick is too old for its conversion to be imported. Consult this page for all available report fields. Try running the tool from the Controller or using an image path local to the controller.0x800489fMDM_E_NoAdsInstalledNo connection could be made because the ADS agent is not available on the destination computer.0x80048a0MDM_E_ServiceNameCollisionCannot Facebook Error Code 368 We've grouped the errors into these categories: Entities Errors related to AdWords entities such as campaigns, ads, or ad groups.

Prevention tips Use the validateOnly header to check ads and keywords for errors before attempting to add them. Common causesThe AdWords system is performing a backend migration on the account. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Ensure that you use the right conversion name by looking it up first using ConversionTrackerService.get(). Prevention tipsN/A AuthenticationError CLIENT_CUSTOMER_ID_INVALID SummaryClient customer ID is not a number.

Visit our support page. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Ensure you've specified correct values for the field used as predicate. Common causes Temporary resource related issues in the AdWords API server The API isn't functioning correctly due to a bug Recommended handling tips Wait for about 30 seconds, then retry the

InternalApiError UNEXPECTED_INTERNAL_API_ERROR SummarySomething unexpected happened while processing the request. Statuses of entities can usually be fetched using the report field Status. Reports can only be obtained for advertiser (non-manager) accounts. This did not match an existing device, so it was ignored.521MDM_EVENTLOG_LogIPAddrDuplicateThe AdminIPAddr %1 for the device %2 was found to already exist on device %3.

If you're using Auto Ad Size, you may need to set the size manually instead. A list of valid characters is available on the AdWords help center. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Make sure you don’t use any unallowed characters in the keywords. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsCheck first to see if the label to be added is already associated with the ads using AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT.

If you would like to modify the ad, you must make a new ad and then remove the old one. Please refer to Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide for more information about adding AdActivity to your app’s AndroidManifest.xml file. CLIENT_CUSTOMER_ID_IS_REQUIRED SummaryClient customer ID was not specified in the HTTP header. Use ConversionTrackerService.get() to get the list of available conversions.

Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsEnsure that your query is correct based on the AWQL grammar. Common causesYou've specified a wrong predicate value, such as using a string as a predicate for a field that is of integer type. When an error is transient, you should make another call to load the ad based on a standard retry algorithm, or when conditions change, e.g. This page Documentation feedback AdWords API Product feedback Need help?

Recommended handling tipsLog the error and/or present an error message to the user, optionally suggesting a unique campaign name or showing the list of names in use. This callback can be used to do things like resume your app, restart audio, or open a new activity.