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An Error Occurred While Consolidating Disks Msg.fileio.lock

vCenter again returned an error: This was better information because it let me know the explicit disk (the parent vmdk & not any of its subsequent deltas) that was locked. Powered by Blogger. Incapsula incident ID: 509000170054544364-459876338988024090 Request unsuccessful. Vitaliy S. check over here

The consolidation failing was happening every night on this VM and this fix would work every time in the morning. TBone Novice Posts: 7 Liked: never Joined: Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:14 pm Full Name: Brian Private message Top Re: ESX 5.5: An error occurred while consolidating disks by Vitaliy Found a bug? However vCentre starts throwing errors that consolidation is required.

Incapsula incident ID: 509000170054544364-459876313218220314 HypervisorsRUS VMware, NetApp, EMC, Linux, PowerCLI and whatever else I get to play with Tuesday, 11 November 2014 An error occurred while consolidating disks: msg.fileio.lock.(Can't consolidate VM After the backup of the server completes, Veeam get a notice that the snapshot has been removed. Wie jedes Jahr veranstaltet VMware an zwei Terminen seine hauseigene Messe,... Now, some of our VM's are rather large...

KC at 02:22 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: consolidate, lock, snapshot, svMotion 3 comments: Kees Sensitif23 January 2015 at 10:03Any update on this? Latest Blog Posts Veeam CBT Data is Invalid - Reset CBT Without Powering Off VM View 7 Administrator Blank Error Dialog/Window After Upgrade App-V 5.x Writing to the native registry vSphere Veeam suggested that this precise calculation is only needed if there is less free space available in the datastore than the size of the disk that needs consolidation. ESX 5.5 does not do that, fall back to this mechanism does not happen and the allowed pause time is 5 seconds IIRC.

Shouldn't be as the .vmsd file is empty and the disks referenced as active by the VM is no longer the delta VMDK. Tried creating and snapshot with memory state unticked -- same as above, no-go. 4. The maximum consolidate retries was exceeded for scsix:x) and your steps fixed me right up. https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2107795 Still the same error message!I then used command vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms to quickly locate the volume containing the VM: Then checked if there was any locks on the vmdk file: I have

To find that MAC, simply go into vCenter > Configuration tab > Network Adapters (in the ‘Hardware’ box) and look at the MAC for each Adapter on each Host. We're good to go!In addition to these new servers we needed to accomodate our existing VM's and so needed to upgrade our 5.1 hosts. Ein NFS-Server kam hier nicht zum Einsatz. After the backup of the server completes, Veeam get a notice that the snapshot has been removed.

[email protected] Lurker Posts: 2 Liked: 1 time Joined: Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:07 am Full Name: Andrew Ward Private message Top Re: ESX 5.5: An error occurred while consolidating disks http://vbrownbag.com/2015/12/the-infamous-disklock-error/ Seems like the actual running of the cleanup gets lost, host overloaded or some kind of a command queue loss??Do you run your jobs using vCenter Server connection or direct ESXi On our second occurrence we weren't able to take a downtime to switch the controller from Paravirtual to LSI. The process of removing snapshots for VMs like yours is very stressful on disk subsystem.Source: gone through this myselfEDIT: in ESX 5.1 there was a possibility that consolidation will be failing

If you're having a problem with the site, or a particular video please open a new issue on GitHub RoushTech Home Blog Contact Cannot Consolidate Disks on VMware Written by William http://missioncritiallinux.com/an-error/an-error-occurred-when-trying-to.html Whilst the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge, I am not reponsible for any issues that may arise using this information, and you do so at your This is most likely what is causing the disk consolidation to fail. Don't be afraid that you will have longer downtime now when you remove snapshot, 5.1 was doing that silently anyway.And do this ASAP.

Thanks munklarsen. In fact, we have to allow for a 11TB drive on one of our servers (this is the lowest granularity we can achieve). View all posts by William Roush → Post navigation ← Deploying via Octopus Deploy on ASP.NET Core RC1 Unable to revert snapshot: “the vendor of the processors in this machine is this content Ein Rechtsklick auf die betroffene virtuelle Maschine und Linksklicks auf „Snapshot" und „Konsolidieren" starteten den geforderten Prozess - jedoch brach dieser ab.

After speaking to VMWare we found that we couldn't extend this timer - it's hardcoded. v.Eremin Veeam Software Posts: 11492 Liked: 837 times Joined: Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:28 pm Full Name: Vladimir Eremin Private message Top Re: ESX 5.5: An error occurred while consolidating Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

This wasn't something we could entertain, as this issue may present itself of any of our disks and these are production servers that cannot afford days of cloning time.

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Aborting consolidate.2014-01-16T04:17:40.173Z| vcpu-0| I120: DISKLIB-LIB iskLibSpaceNeededForCombineInt: Cancelling space needed for combine calculation2014-01-16T04:17:40.174Z| vcpu-0| I120: DISKLIB-LIB : DiskLib_SpaceNeededForCombine: failed to get space for combine operation: Operation was canceled (33).2014-01-16T04:17:40.174Z| vcpu-0| I120: DISKLIB-LIB Vmware reports that snapshot removal is complete, browsing datastore shows it not. I next went into the Datastore this problem VM was on & looked at the VM’s directory. http://missioncritiallinux.com/an-error/an-error-occurred.html Make sure your VM doesn't have it's disks mounted in another VM, in this case our Veeam virtual machine did not release the disks when it was done backing it up

Since doing this we haven't had the consolidation fail on this VM. Toggle navigation Skip to content #vBrownBag About #vBrownBag #vBrownBag Team #vBrownBag Sign Up and Past Recordings Supporting #vBrownBag #vBrownBag Presenter Guidelines #vBrownBag Presenter Sign-up #vBrownBag TechTalks #vBrownBag TechTalks Live #vBrownBag Library Background: We've been running Veeam for just shy of 4 years. More and more i am convinced that indeed the issue lies within vsphere.

Seems vSphere 5.5 handles snapshots differently, or maybe, as I read here. ****************** UPDATE: 13/11/2014 ****************** overlooked two important facts here: 1) the old snapshots on your old disk are not Ended up with 6 vms needing consolidation afterwards. This new cluster is served by the new Veeam servers and so we knew/accepted that we'd have to do full backups to begin with. Once confirmed I placed the host in maintenance mode, DRS vMotioned all VMs to another host in the cluster and restarted the hostd service. /etc/init.d/hostd restart Once the hostd service had

Tried creating and deleting snapshot - succeeded, but didn't allow me to consolidate snapshot 3. This might be not necessary, but I did it. Getting precise space needed for combine...2014-02-08T05:04:08.604Z| SnapshotVMXCombiner| I120: DISKLIB-LIB : Upward Combine 2 links at 1.