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Does >> anyone know what other rights need to be applied or how we can get this >> to >> work? >> >> >> Jeremy Mullin Posted on 2007-10-26 20:03:23.0Z Date: If it specifies both local and remote, verify the remote comm layer (axcws32.dll) is in a path where the web server will find it. If all the discovery threads fail then an error code is returned. Also if locking is indeed an issue you should also have trouble copying the table file to your local machine using Explorer. –Jens Mühlenhoff Mar 22 '13 at 16:46 this contact form

When creating a table, index, or memo file, verify that it already exists and another application does not have it opened. if you have a real recent backup, I would restore. Solution 2: Open the Advantage Data Dictionary using UNC or through a network drive (the network drive will be converted to UNC). Advantage Error Guide. https://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/webhelp/Advantage9.0/mergedProjects/adserror/err7xxx/7008_advantage_server_file_open_failure.htm

Solution: None. Solution: Rebuild the index. 7019 Corrupt memo field Problem: The current record's memo field does not contain an end-of-field marker. Solution: Verify the following: 1. Solution: Restart/reload the Advantage server with a larger value for number of locks. 7008 Advantage server file open failure Problem: The specified database file, memo file or index file was

Refer to the associated OS Error. … 7008 Advantage server file open failure. Solution 1: Verify the following: The file exists and the user has sufficient access rights to open the file. (The location and name of the file that received the 7008 error Not a Medisoft Question? Medisoft Experts are Online Now Type Your Medisoft Question Here...

Simple geometry. This allows the tables and indexes to be located on a different drive then the one the data dictionary is on. Solution: Make sure the specified file is a valid .dbf file. 7017 Corrupt .idx Problem: The current .cdx or .idx index file contains corrupt or invalid data. http://nntp-archive.sybase.com/nntp-archive/action/article/%[email protected]%3E How does the Mac SE/30 send video to the analog board?

Fix Advantage Data Architect Error 7008 - Repair Windows – SAP Sybase Forums - Advantage DB - ODBC - Advantage 8.1 … - My SQL statement works fine within Advantage data TechEd Summary FAQs - May 2008 Book Review: The Design of Everyday Things ► May (10) ► April (5) ► March (1) ► February (1) Sybase Trademarks are in effect. You can disable that with the somewhat confusingly named NONEXCLUSIVE PROPRIETARY LOCKING configuration setting. The Environment Check Utility will attempt to make a connection and generate a file called ENV_LOG.TXT which will be saved in the ARC directory (C:\Program Files\Advantage 9.0\ARC).

If the file already exists, verify no other users currently have the specified file open. http://dibbsolutions.com/support-training/advantage-database1/advantage_error_codes/ The file is not already open exclusively by another Advantage user. 3. Coworkers quitting under special circumstances -- should telling our manager be one of my options? Solution: Determine which user(s) has the specified file open in SHARED mode and have that user(s) close the file before attempting to open the file for EXCLUSIVE use. 7040 Server

saetechnologies.com - Colorway Wordpress Theme by InkThemes.com skip to main | skip to sidebar Views from an Advantage Evangelist My perspective on Advantage Database Server and other programming topics. weblink If this cached statement references the table you are trying to open exclusively, you can get a 7008 error. Cập nhật những tin tức về sức khỏe và đẹp ở chuyên trang về sức khỏe của chúng tôi.Bạn có sở thích tìm hiểu về các vấn đề như tâm lý The configuration file must be located in the same directory as the Advantage NLM.

The memo field's length is unknown. Also use UNC for any TDataSet aliases that are used from inside a server-side module. We have ADS 11.10 running on Windows. http://missioncritiallinux.com/advantage-error/advantage-error-6097.html Solution: Make sure the file exists and that the user has sufficient access rights to open the file. 7009 Problem with Advantage server file write Problem: The Advantage server

If the address is in this format: \\:\share\xxx then attempt a DNS look up. Solution Advantage NLM: Make sure nobody is viewing or editing the Advantage configuration file when the Advantage NLM is being loaded. If attempting to open a table via the Advantage Local Server, make sure it is not already opened by another connection via the Advantage Database Server.


To correct or remove invalid configuration values, use the Registry Editor. Decimal place in ArcGIS 10.3 How can endogeneity arise in OLS estimation? All users who have modified the table with the trigger need to close the table (the table the trigger is defined on) before you can gain exclusive access to ANY table Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up SQL SELECT from Local Client Connection Retrieving Server Data With Path up vote 3 down vote favorite We've been using Advantage Database

If the semaphore byte is the "deleted" byte, open the .dbf exclusively via a non-Advantage RDD/RDE. Solution: Adjust your Advantage configuration file (AXS.CFG) options so that less memory is required or add RAM to the server. 7002 Configuration error Problem: Invalid command line parameter. Solution: Rebuild the memo file. 7020 User logged out Problem: The watchdog process detected a failed connection and disconnected the user from the Advantage server. his comment is here Java Scanner Class bad character "®" What difficulty would the Roman Empire have besieging a fantasy kingdom's 49m wall?

Solution 3: Use UNC (\\SERVERNAME\SHARE) when making connections or opening tables from inside a server-side module. Solution: Rebuild the memo file. Why is nuclear waste more dangerous than the original nuclear fuel? However, this "cached open" state will cause subsequent attempts to open the underlying table(s) in an exclusive mode to fail with a 7008 error.Please post back how you would want to

This error can also occur if the transaction log file could not be opened. However these errors still occur. I think that if you set that configuration value to 1, then it will work as you are wanting.