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Ads Error Number

Error code: 27(0x1B). Use $$ to escape the $ character where a variable is not intended.0x800483aMDM_E_VariableAlreadyExistsThis variable already exists.0x800483bMDM_E_DeviceNotExistsThe device does not exist.0x800483cMDM_E_DeviceAlreadyExistsThe device already exists.0x800483dMDM_E_SetNotExistsThe set does not exist.0x800483eMDM_E_SetAlreadyExistsThe set already exists.0x800483fMDM_E_JobNotExistsThe job The total processing time for the message. NoLockedMemory Router: no locked memory.

ClientError Error class Error code: 1856(0x740). Declaration Swift class IMAAdsRequest : NSObject Objective-C @interface IMAAdsRequest : NSObject IMACompanionAdSlot


Ad slot for Error code: 1805(0x70d). Created Date.

Room Category. SyncTimeOut AMS Sync timeout. Declaration Swift class IMACompanionAdSlot Objective-C @interface IMACompanionAdSlot : NSObject


Data object representation of a cuepoint for a LOS.

Error code: 12(0x00C). Error Code Example Error Message Description NETWORK_ERROR Network error reading data from ad server. All. The server did not have any ads for this request.

The date and time that is displayed in the Update Date column can be for one of the following two reasons: The date and time the message was received back into Error code: 1821(0x71D). ClientTimeoutInvalid Timeout value is invalid. you could try here The ADS Error Processing screen appears.

AmsSyncWin32Error AMS Sync Win32 error. Dt. Error code: 1806(0x70e). Error code: 1817(0x719).

REQUEST_ERROR Ad request failed due to invalid Auto Ad Size parameters. The chain. Rate. (Only available when the Rate and Availability tabs are selected.) Select the channel rate to include in the search. Some events in the AdListener interface do not apply to every type of ad.

Select the message to work with. PortDisabled Port disabled. The event report will show the error code under "Custom Variable" tab. DeviceInvalidData Invalid parameter value(s).

Note: This callback is not applicable for full-screen interstitial ads. Deselects all items in the bottom grid. Error code: 1280(0x500). Property.

DeviceNoMemory Out of memory. When the failure is non-transient, you should log the error and investigate why your app is unable to successfully retrieve an ad. Error code: 1801(0x709).

Room Category.

InvalidAmsLength Invalid AMS length. Error code: 1859(0x743). Button Functions The following buttons are available on the ADS Error Process screen: Search. Retry Count.

Please refer to Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide for more information about adding AdActivity to your app’s AndroidManifest.xml file. Select the message to work with. Close. Please choose another audience.1487376Conversion Spec Needed: For ads pointing to an offsite location with a non-zero bid on actions, you must specify the conversion spec.1487380Invalid aggregation day for conversion data.

ClientRemoveHash There are no more symbols in the hash table. The total processing time for the message. Examples: Single field at fault { "error":{ "type":"Exception", "message":"The budget for your Ad-Set is too low. Rest. (Only available when the Availability tab is selected.) Select a restriction type for the search.

Error code: 1865(0x749). Please wait until one or more jobs have completed and try again.0x8004839MDM_E_VariableNotExistsThe variable could not be found. Error code: 1797(0x705). Select the calendar button and choose a "from" date for the begin date range.