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I have full rights to all files and folders on the server >>PC. >>I already disconnected my network and connected it again, but the error >>remains and obviously has to do The ARC32 SQL window connection is to local server, and I'm trying to INSERT into a database using local with the content of data on the server drive. When we run the same .rpt on the same server using Crystal > Reports 10, it opens in client/server mode, but when we run it through > the ASP app, it There's no way to bypass that. -- Joachim Drr Ad Specialties of Pittsburgh - Home - Looking for promotional products, advertising specialties and business gifts?

Two resistors in series How to typedef the return type of a member function from a template class? A file open error will be logged in the Advantage Database Server error log, ADS_ERR.DBF. The file exists and the user has sufficient access rights to open the file. We upgraded to ADS 10.10 on our system this week (and to the ADS 10.10 TDataSet 10.10 components as well), but the above queries still fail.

When it's not running it can't lock the tables. When creating a table, index, or memo file, verify that it already exists and another application does not have it opened. Not the answer you're looking for? micromaster : Hi and Welcome to Justanswer, Thank you for posting your question.Please give us some more detailed information about your posted problem here.micromaster : What is the operating system installed

micromaster is online now I am using a very old version of Medisoft 7.02 and I am getting Customer Question I am using a very old version of Medisoft 7.02 and Proxy to remove ads 7. Good luck and thank you for asking. Should I be concerned about "security"?

You've come to the right site! So I believe, there is a file mismatch, but I don't know, where >> to >> look. >> >> This is the installation environment: >> >> ServerPC: >> On Drive J:\ Now I just have to convince the server admin to manually edit the registry, which is going to be really difficult. http://www.ousob.com/ng/ads_611/ng7fa9c.php A change was made to Advantage Database Server to make the default behavior to completely deny access to other applications when proprietary locking is in use.

However, this "cached open" state will cause subsequent attempts to open the underlying table(s) in an exclusive mode to fail with a 7008 error.Please post back how you would want to you could rename the index file and use the DBF without indexes. -- Joachim Drr Senior Product Support Analyst (Advantage Database Server) iAnywhere Solutions / Extended Systems Advantage[at]extendsys.de Patric Delphi Developer When I set Active=True I get the 7008 ADS error: "The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be opened". I can query tables on the remote server using the [\\MyServer\Data\MyRemoteDB.dbf] syntax from an ALS connection to my local hard drive just fine.

With best regards Anila >Anila wrote in <[email protected]>: > >> The error is reproducible, when I am setting the ADSTable property >> "Exclusive=true". > >sure. http://nntp-archive.sybase.com/nntp-archive/action/article/%[email protected]%3E share|improve this answer edited Mar 22 '13 at 14:06 answered Mar 22 '13 at 13:48 Jens Mühlenhoff 8,45732372 Both local and remote (not AIS) are involved. share|improve this answer answered Mar 22 '13 at 15:36 Mark Wilkins 33.6k43786 Mark, the docs for that config setting say "non-Advantage applications" are affected, and I'm using ADS's own Problem 1: The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be opened. 7039 and 7008 Errors in Ads_error after starting replication – After fiddeling somewhat with the connection

Last posting was on 2007-10-26 20:03:23.0Z DS Posted on 2007-10-11 22:56:27.0Z Reply-To: "DS" From: "DS" Newsgroups: advantage.crystalSubject: Error 7008: The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be Solution 4: Triggers often cache the statement they use to execute the trigger code. PC1 does not > have any problems at all, PC2 gets always the above mentioned error > message, > when the Delphi program calls table. If you use exclusive access no other instances are allowed to open that table.

How to respond to your boss's email about a coworker's accusation? See the Database Security topic for details. We assigned access rights to the IUSR, ASPNET > and Authenticated Users but none of these seemed to have any effect. This error occurs because ICITEMnn.DBF has an index tag that uses the g_retsdx.prg file.

Note that the files must be accessible using a UNC path (i.e., the must be on a share). if it's a structural index (same base name and same directory as the table) then ADS will open it. Failure to do so will result in file existence checks, which will use the server-side alias from the client and fail, resulting in AE_FILE_NOT_FOUND (5004) errors.

So the database table defenitely does >> exist. >> >> >> The errors occurred after I have installed and deinstalled the Advantage >> Database Client Server version

I. We have ADS 11.10 running on Windows. There's no way to bypass that. -- Joachim Drr Senior Product Support Analyst (Advantage Database Server) iAnywhere Solutions / Extended Systems Advantage[at]extendsys.de Other Threads 1. When creating a table, index file, or memo file, verify that if it already exists, another application does not have it open. 5.

All users who have modified the table with the trigger need to close the table (the table the trigger is defined on) before you can gain exclusive access to ANY table To make sure, that it has nothing to do with the Server PC I copied the ADS table to my local PC - and then it worked - also with the Remote Server). How does the Mac SE/30 send video to the analog board?

The issue (as stated in the title) is that queries from a local connection to retrieve server data doesn't work, and did with other versions of ADS.